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Pinned Deranged Rules!!! 1
What is Your Favorite Game Series? 213
any game you never finished? 132
What are your favorite content creators when it comes to gaming? 49
What Upcoming Game(s) Are You Looking Forward To? 62
What Gaming System is a Must Have For You? 36
favourite handheld system 71
Discord/Streaming!! 16
What Game or Series do you Dislike? 25
Gaming buddies 1
What games are you currently or plan on playing? 14
New game announcements 2021 4
Do you Create? 11
What's Your Favorite Pokemon? 12
Old-School Point and Clicks 7
Are you excited for E3 this year? 3
What is your favorite gaming song and/or soundtrack? 7
Game Recs 2
Halo: Spacehey sessions 4
Any game that you were excited to play but it turned out to be a bad game? 8
Good mindless game you can carry a convo over? 2
What are some nostalgic games you used to play growing up? 10
ps3 or xbox 360 6
PC Gaming Equipment! 1
The return of G4 3
What are you playing? 5
First Videogame 9
so who plays destiny 1
FFXIV Thread 1
Lgbt minecraft server ^^ 1
Recommendations? 1