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A Very Obscure and Underrated Band from Colorado You Should Try Listening to 0
What are some obscure songs that sound like they belong in the backrooms? 1
Found a rare music from naga (Yabujin) 0
the christian philipp schneider project (2015) 0
Dúkkulísurnar. 2
Help to find this song!! 3
For Thrash metal fans 0
Psychedelic 60s 2
cool pop/post punk band from Austin, Texas i found :o] (pun intended) 0
obscure music. 0
anybody here fans of ween? 1
A small band i found on Spotify :D 0
Industrial Metal recs 0
What do we remind you of? (drop names) 0
Small Alt Bands 0
Obscure album from Brazil 0
Favorite Horror Music 0
Help: Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows 0
some reccs january 21st 2024 0
Floating Points's Album [Crush] (orchestral synthetic wave music) 0
Ancient Lament, a Guqin instrumental, traditional Chinese music 0
Really good obscure emo song from 2005 0
Anyone a fan of The Brobecks? 0
band recommendation ! 0
Dungeon Rap: The Introduction 1
Somehow Hollow - S/T (pop-punk, emo, melodic hardcore) 0
ABCDEAF: AWESOME yt channel that posts random obscure music 0
Idk what genre to call this, but I love this EP so much 0
Is there any good obscure doom metal/prog metal that you guys would reccomend? 0
only 58 listeners a month :O 1
Help me find an unknown post punk song I found on facebook messages 0