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Pinned Rules! 0
What characters are you guys most excited for? 1
Alguien del server europeo para jugar? 0
whats everyones favourite genshin place? 1
¿Cuál es tu nación favorita? 5
Art dump 0
Rep 0
Anyone else have genshin ocs? feel free to share a pic 2
Do i pull for cyno now or save for raiden shogun who is rumored to be in 2nd half of 4.3? 0
What do you want to see in Natlan? 0
What does ur main team look like rn? 4
3.0 and 4.0 !! 0
What is YOUR Controversial Genshin opinion?? 0
who's excited for fontaine? 1
Anyone else main the traveler? 0
Genshin mainz 11
unusual builds 2
Whos your fav npc?? 2
What ar ( adventure rank ) are u??? 8
least fav boss(es) and fav boss(es) 5
Yelan main ? 0
Who is your favourite genshin character? 44
MSN Groupchat 0
ganyu x keqing fanfiction (chapter 1) 0
Genshin Impact Meme Dump 1
Looking to rp Genshin perhaps? 0
Activity 0
f2p ayato build 0
whats ur vision @-@ 33
who's pulling ayato!! 0
what is ur favorite event? 14