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Pinned Animes to Look Forward to??? 45
Pinned Fave Anime? 1063
Sad Anime Recommendation 1
does anyone here play pjsk? 3
relatable characters? 2
No.6 0
Manga recs!! 0
Fruits basket Manga fans? 0
Opinions on the Naruto: Ninja Storm games? 1
Any disturbing/fucked up anime like Neon Genesis? 1
Magical Girl and/or Cute Romance Anime Reccs? 1
Smartest anime character? 0
anime you could never get into? 0
**READ** please check out & support my music :) 0
Recommendation of non-popular anime/manga? 0
the deed has been done 0
Any Re:Zero Fan?/ Algun fan de Re:Zero? 1
Recommendations <3 0
Recomendaciones 0
Recomendaciones 0
Roleplay Tips?? 0
what do you guys think about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? 1
I recommend 1 or 2 animes with at least 12 episodes 0
fave manga? 0
alguien que me recomiende un anime fuerte jsjjsjs ? 0
Hola! pueden recomendarme algun anime bueno acepto cualquiera :D 1
kirsha 0
Team L or Kira?? 2
Help on finding an anime 0
Help on finding an anime 0
one piece 0