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fav update? 89
Who's your favourite childhood MCYT? 73
modded smp X3 4
looking for frens to play with :p 3
build ideas?? 14
Vanilla SMP (no lore) 3
Minecraft Bedrock Players (Win10, Xbox one, PS4-5, Nintendo Switch, Pocket Edition) 8
Stampy or Dan TDM (no hate) 9
Builds? 2
looking for good friendly servers 4
Haven’t played in quite a while 1
who do you like to watch that's a minecraft youtuber 3
looking for bedrock players! 1
Minecraft With Mods? 3
i have no friends to play minecraft/ i hate gay people wait what 3
Please join my Server 😩 0
who remembers machininas? 0
what servers do yall play on? 5
im bored so i'll give u a minecraft mob based on ur pfp 5
Cute build ideas please!! 2
New here 0
1.2 Update! 2
fav SMP? 0
Yall Wanna Join My Server? 0
Server Idea, Open to Input. 1
Anyone interested in a 1.18.1 server w/ plugins? 1
fav mob? 0
thoughts on mob vote? 1
Post Your Worlds! 2
are you guys excited for the new 1.4 update? 0
Favorite modpacks or types of modpacks? 0