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Pinned New members please introduce yourself here! Thanks for joining! 1604
intro! 0
my paranormal experiences 0.0 1
Introduction! 0
It Feels And Looks Like A Cat Scratched Me 0
My grandma taught me spell 0
paranormal experiences 0
I Accidentally Stumbled Across A Pentagram 0
A White Phantom Van Almost Killed Me 0
One Time I Saw A Ghost Of A Man 0
I'am An Witch with Djinn And Jinn Spirits 0
Night escape in a factory 1
[ esp/spanish ] me paso hace no mucho 2
solo algo raro 1
Mundane Oracle 2
Wanted to very quickly share my only paranormal experience. 2
entity in the building? 5
My experiences and a bit of knowledge with paranormality. 2
Portals & Dimension hopping? 3
My first Ouija board experience 1
Weird lights on the sky... 2
lucid dreams 4
Soy la única que antes de dormí le gusta ver una película de terror 0
Cuentanos tus experiencias paranormales 1
Recurant nightmares 2
UFO Sighting 3
skinwalkers 4
Doppelgangers 1
muñecos poseidos 1
paranormal 1