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Hi 0
Friday fit check 0
New Friends?! 3
Floyd 0
. 0
HIIIIII im just looking for some 2000s fashion friends (teen) 0
Gyaru brands? 0
what kids tv show from the 2000's is your favorite? 3
*:ο½₯゚✧ Y2K Room Essentials? *ο½₯゚✧*:ο½₯゚ 4
me gusta mucho la ropa 0
hey 0
New here xx 0
what made mtv MTV to u?? 1
2000s tech - using it today 5
hai!!! 0
hiii 0
Fav 2000s band? 2
Lonely and i need friends 1
Girlsgogames 2
does anyone else miss mall culture in the 2000s? 3
what online multiplayer game did u play back then? 0
What do y'all think about gyaru? 2
whats your fav clothes brand? 0
hai ;D 1
Old cartoon series that you have seen or recommend (1990-2009) 0
what are ur favourite song(s) from the year 2005? 1
What is better? only having a juicy tracksuit top or only bottom? 2
What are your fav accessories that were popular back then? 2
Hey! 0
I just kinda wanna make friends, Also I love the 2000s, music and style. :3 5