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Growth over the years 2
It'z t1m3 t0 br1ng sc3m0 and th3 r3st of alt cultur3 b4ck!!! (It's time to bring scemo and the rest of alt culture back!!!) 3
Im new lookin for friends 5
skelanimals revival 4
Umbrella Academy 5
Fashion lolz 4
Scene/Emo This or That! 4
why is msi even canceled X3 5
Where do you guys get your clothes? 7
Anyone also too young in early 2000s to be emo? 7
"real" emo? 4
Is nightcore emo? and by extension is nightstep, is dubstep emo? 6
is it really possible to be a emo farmer?? 4
Hard being a A$ian Goth 1
Looking for emo/goth comic recommendations 5
my underwear are what? 1
thinkin about making a rawring 20s discord server where we all pretend its the early - mid 2000s! 6
Conrtraversial Emo/Scene Opinions? 3
hair help/advice 1
Met J.T from Hawthorne Heights! 3
NYD2K Lets reclaim the old internet! 0
Anyone remember Funki Punky's? 1
Is AIM back? 3
im new 1
Question T_T 1
Xanga 1
Favorite Fashion trend 4
Cover of "Your Guardian Angel" 4
Old stuff I'll rather keep forever. 0
Musicians 0
(sic) by Slipknot cover 1
Everything comes full circle 1