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Go, also called baduk and weiqi, is an ancient board game originating in China about 2,500 years ago, and remains popular to this day in China, Japan, Korea, and internationally!

How Do I Play?

The rules for Go are very simple, but there are variations. The popular variants include Japanese rules, Chinese rules, and New Zealand rules. The standard game of Go has a 19x19 square board of points, each connected to four other points excluding the sides and corners. Each player, black or white, takes turns placing stones on the points of the board (black goes first). The aim of the game is to have a higher score than your opponent at the end. You can gain score in two ways: capturing an opponent's stone, and territory, with white starting with 6.5 points to balance for going second and to break ties. For an explanation on how it all works, head to this link at GoMagic (unaffiliated) to learn the rules and try it out!

Where Can I Play?

In-person, you can buy a goban (Go board) and stones online and at specialised shops, as well as occasionally in board game shops. You can find people to play by looking up local clubs, or finding a national association, such as the BGA or AGA. Alternatively, online you can use a large variety of Go servers. Personally, I recommend the Online Go Server for English-speaking users. Have fun!

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