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A group dedicated to various alternative subcultures. Goth, emo, punk, scene, and even EGL! The subcultures can be from anywhere from any point in time! Don’t be afraid to try new things and express yourself! But here’s a little reminder: alternative subcultures are almost ALWAYS music-based. This however, does NOT mean that you have to listen to alternative music exclusively. I really like crunkcore and cybergoth music, but sometimes I want to listen to pop and even (this may be scary but I grew up with it) . . . country . . . Anyways, this group lets you express your inner darkness and inner rainbow vomit! If you need tips, just ask! Want new bands and genres to listen to? We’ll help you out! Going through a tough time? We’ll try to comfort you! No bats left behind!

Basic Rules:

♥ No bullying!

♥ Be nice.

♥ Don’t gatekeep things subcultures.

♥ Be respectful.

♥ No racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, anti-semitism, or fatphobia.

♥ Be mindful of other people’s cultures and/or religions.

♥ No NSFW (if there is NSFW, add a Trigger Warning in the title of the post).

♥ Don’t harass others.

♥ Don’t fetishize or sexualize people or things.

♥ Give constructive criticism.

♥ Be mindful to minors.

♥ Respect the elders (unless their being pieces of crap).

♥ Please don’t talk about politics, but if you do, please address that in your post.

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