Teen chat

Teens only (that would be 13-19 year olds.)

It doesn't matter what your ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, religion and etc is. AS LONG as you're a teen!

JUST be nice here! Cool people only.

NO sexism, racism, transphobia or homophobia shiz is allowed here. No bullying or discrimination AT ALL!


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friends??? 0 Comments
new friends? :) 3 Comments
Friends!? 2 Comments
friends!? :3 2 Comments
friends ? 1 Comment
Looking for friends? 1 Comment
bmf??? (^w^) 1 Comment
Finals and going into senior year 1 Comment
Friedn? 0 Comments
i need ppl 2 talk 2!!!! 4 Comments

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introduce yourselves 692
What’s school like for you? 129
How has your love life been? 41
Hey! im new to space-hey 26
what should i do for my 16th birthday? 12
Does anyone wanna be friends lol 9
new to spacehey 1
having problems at school need someone to talk to 6
My 18th birthday 1
Idek 3