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welcome to homeschoolers hangout!!

I ur girl, Kayla and I'm happy that your here. I have been informed that there is a lot of homeschoolers on spacehey, so i made this group so that we can all hangout. know that some of us feel isolated, so I really hope this helps. Btw This isn't just a space fr homeschooler, but a space for anyone, it's just somewhat of this space is made for homeschoolers. This is also a space for my homeschool moots! (Mari, emmuhh, jizzl(coquette master)🎀(jennys ex+tuv fanpage), Lukas, and more). We can talk about anything, from music, fashion, lifestyles, rants, blogs, hobbies, opinons, or really anything. All bullying will be blocked, and any racism, sexism, transphobia or any phobia, etc etc, will be blocked from this group. 

Other than that, enjoy, chat, and have fun!!<33

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