Japanese Horror

The group for watchers of Japanese horror (J-Horror)

Image of this fan category is from Ju-On 2 (呪怨2)

Some popular movies in the J-Horror genre:

Uzumaki (うずまき)

Ringu (リング)

Ju-On (呪怨)

Audition (オーディション)

One Missed Call (着信アリ)

Cure (キュア)

Marebito (稀人)

House (ハウス)

Pulse (回路)

Suicide Club (自殺サークル)

Tag (リアル鬼ごっこ)

Cursed (「超」怖い話A 闇の鴉)

Kwaidan (怪談)

Noroi (ノロイ)

Tetsuo (鉄男)

Reincarnation (輪廻)

Dark Water (仄暗い水の底から)

Carved (口裂け女)

Woman In The Dunes (砂の女)

Tokyo Gore Police (東京残酷警察)

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