Kin Hangout

A group for otherkin and fictionkin! Therians, dragconics, otherhearted, copinglinkers, and other alterhumans are also allowed! you can discuss whatever here ^-^


-be respectful!
-please no kin for fun/kff, kinnies, or other troll/bad faith identities
-feel free to post anything you'd like! off-topic posts are fine
-questions are also welcome!

CSS to be edited to look better once I get the motivation >.<

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Introz 70
Old Otherkin/Therian Sites 3
Media that makes you shift? 5
Fictionkin and Soulbonding 0
i think im a non shifter 1
Alterhuman Resourcez n Sitez! 1
Conceptkins, anyone? 3
Any relatively obscure alterhumans? 6
kinmems struggle 1