Kyl's Little Villanelles

- Kyl's Little Villanelles -

This is just a little creative corner for me to share all my poetry. This way I won't lose it if the paper gets damaged and I can get advice on how to improve.

I write all sorts of poems in all sorts of forms, not just villanelles. The name of this group, Kyl's Little Villanelles, was chosen because of its similarity to Kyl the Hellhound, my SpaceHey username. (The 'Little' was derived from my popular social media username Satan's Little Hellhound.)

Feel free to post some of your work as well, and I would be happy to offer my advice if wanted.

- Adhere to SpaceHey rules -

No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or other judgement is allowed here. I can't stop you from thinking it, but I beg you not to share it.

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