lemon demon fan group!!

this group is for lemon demon fans like me!! you can join if you just like neil and his work too :]
only rulez are DO NOT!! sexualize neil or treat him like he is fictional. etc.

Neil's Boundaries

ok that is all but also dont be rude in general, dont gatekeep or i will GET you

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> background image by Ming Doyle
> layout by this guy

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some lemon demon and neil cic files and such!! 5
what is the sexiest bestest most incrediblest Lemon Demon song 18
I'm hoping this group isn't dead but like, what's everyone's favorite demon lemon songs? 29
Obscure Lemon Demon Facts/Content 4
Fav/Least Fav Deporitaz/Early Lemon Demon Tracks? 3
I WILL be Lemon Demon's #1 spotify listener this year 2
No Place Like Home 2
damn skippy 0
In your opinion, how do you rank the Lemon Demon albums? 4