- D I C E -

- D I C E - is a spacehey group created by LungsFilledOfRoses for a small group they created on google slides AT SCHOOL, which was based off of a cult from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. !!PLEASE DO NOT JOIN IF YOU ARE NOT A DICE MEMBER!! (THIS IS NOT THE DICE CULT CREATED BY MORTIS/NECROPHILIC, THIS IS A SCHOOL GROUP,DO NOT JOIN IF YOU'RE NOT FROM THEIR SCHOOL) Please email the owner of DICE through school email to prove you are a part of dice. 


-No homophobia

-No transphobia

-No racism

-No ableism

-No anti-neopronouns/xenopronouns

-No anti-mogai/anti-xenogender

-Respect everyone's pronouns

-Use tone tags

-If you're venting, please add (vent) to it, and if it's triggering, please add a TW 

-If you do not go to their school (showing you are not a part of DICE), you will be removed immediately 

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