OG MySpace Kids

Come share in the nostalgia of what seemed almost magical - the myspace era... Before social media turned into data collection comapanies, begging for our attention with malicious advertising & fake news.

A simpler, yet exciting time for the internet. Many of us were inspired to become coders & serial creatives after changing a damn font on our page. The birthings of the modern internet celebrity, although rare at that time, it was a fascinating prospect that this outlet could give so much exposure to aspiring musicians who for so long went unheard.

It seems like just as we were beginning to get a grasp on what was, it was beginning to changeĀ  too quickly, into something that we didn't understand... Streamlined profiles, no more html, new features that were buggy & redesign after redesign. All in what seems now like an attempt to allow for more effective advertising & keep a hold on the market while Facebook emerged with velocity in the background.

These efforts only destroyed something that was dear to many, and allowed Facebook to dominate the social media landscape and turn it into what it is today.

Thankfully we now have SpaceHey :)

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