Obscure Music

This is a group to share any obscure music you like or find.

It could be The Caretaker's vaporwave for old people or Caroliner's industrial bluegrass. It could be someone's experimental microtonal mish mash of genres, or just something you found on YouTube with only 10 views. The more obscure the better!

Group Bulletin Board

From Time Subject
The Residents 0 Comments
Tetsuo the Iron Man OST 2 Comments
Tonetta >>> 0 Comments
S.Maharba: S.Maharba 1 Comment
Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers - Maze of sounds 0 Comments
unicorn kid - tidal rave ep 0 Comments
The Caretakers - Nowhere At The Millennium Of Space 0 Comments
Mort Garson: Plantasia 2 Comments
"Eternal Return" - Experimental Sunn O))) & Ulver Cover 0 Comments
Casiopea: Mint Jams 2 Comments

Group Forum

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What are some of your favorite obscure artists? 5
This whole soundtrack 2