Obscure Music

This is a group to share any obscure music you like or find.

It could be The Caretaker's vaporwave for old people or Caroliner's industrial bluegrass. It could be someone's experimental microtonal mish mash of genres, or just something you found on YouTube with only 10 views. The more obscure the better!

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Experimental Electronic anyone? Gimme more songs! (IDM, breakcore anything) 0 Comments

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What are some of your favorite obscure artists? 142
How do you find new music? 69
Is this obscure enough? 5
ohh man have i got something for u! 5
Avant Garde music that doesn't suck 20
Naomi Elizabeth 5
One of my faves... an oddball piece of music, but hangs together beautifully 0
You guys ever heard of Drake? 6
a really good radio show you all should listen to 1
Baki the Grappler soundtrack (from the og anime, 2000/2001) 2