please love me at my worst

'please love me at my worst' is a safe place for everybody and anybody to simply let their emotions out throughout creative writing! All forms of writing are allowed, however not all genres. Please read the following rules to help make this a safe community for all!!

  • any age group is free to join, just please be respectful and mindful of other members in the group.
  • i will NOT tolerate any cyberbullying, sexual harassment and/or exploitation, doxxing, trolling, pedophilia, or any other type of harassment.
  • please keep your posts appropriate. no nudity, self-harm, suicidal, or any other graphic pictures and/or posts will b appropriate.
  • NO BIGOTRY OR HATRED WILL B ALLOWED!! i will NOT tolerate racism, sexism, xenophobia, or any other form of h8red. yes, everyone is free 2 express their on thoughts and opinions, but when i feel those opinions express h8red and bigotry, that's when it becomes problematic 2 me.
  • do NOT make posts about dating. this is NOT AT ALL a dating platform and/or community. yes, you can share your feelings about someone u like and/or have a crush on, but please keep your sexual thoughts and search for a partner to yourself!!
  • ANY TYPE OF PLAGIARISM IS FORBIDDEN HERE!! this will include reading, artwork, music, poetry, or any other form of writing, literature, and/or art.
  • i will NOT tolerate any sort of catfishing!! You will be messaged by community staff requesting you to send proof of your identity, if you are suspected of any sort of catfishing!
  • Please refrain from giving out any of your personal information. This is for your safety.
Failure to abide by rules will result in the banning of your account from this community.
With that being said, Welcome to 'please love me at my worst' !!


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