Post Ironic

Have you ever been called a hipster? Have you ever worried you might be a hipster?

Are you just a god damn hipster?
Try Post-Ironic today!
Gone are the days of pretending to be someone you're not by telling people you love obscure shit when in reality you're just trying to be special. Make it known you're purposely going for obscure shit because its cooler than popular shit! Bring your obscure shit here and share it with the class! Earn social cred for discovering something before it was popular and become a trendsetter by making it popular!

All jokes aside. This is a group for people who like to purposely find obscure interests for whatever reason. Genuine enjoyment, boredom, wanting to be a special snowflake whatever. We don't judge, except if you're an asshole.
Curious? Ask a question!
Interested? Ask a question.
Knowledgeable? Ask a fucking question.
Can't wait to hear from you <3

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