Welcome to Profictioners!

We are a proship, profic, anti anti and similar branches friendly space for all. Just don't condone problematic behaviour IRL, and there's no harm done!

  • Please be sure to check out the forums for things like resources, introductions, definitions, and more!
  • We do not allow radqueers in this group, or pro-contact paraphiles. As the name suggests, we also do not allow antis.

Below are a few basic guidelines:

  • Bigotry is, obviously, absolutely not tolerated.
  • Feel free to gush about anything, problematic or not! Just remember that being profic means acknowledging the right to freedom in fiction and respect for all fictional tastes, not being comfortable with every tropes: this means you should tag properly and state clearly what something is about.
  • Following the previous point, do remember to state clearly what a post is about to help fellow members avoid what they want to avoid! Being profiction is to respect everyone's fictional tastes and their freedom to express in fiction, not to be 100% comfortable with every trope.
  • Do not bring drama or discourse into the group, don't like them? Block them. Unless they pose a genuine threat to others' safety and wellbeing, it's best to keep it behind closed doors.
  • Please do not post nsfw/18+ content, the moderators currently are both minor.
  • If you block either moderators while you are in Profictioners, we will ban you from the group. After all, it's a bit hard to monitor the activity of someone we aren't able to...see at all.

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