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This right here is your hotstop for anything RB Battles, a gameshow where famous Robloxians compete to see who comes out on top (cough cough TanqR cough cough)! Fanart and headcanons are encouraged, along with fanfics! Just please, no NSFW publicly. I'm a greysexual for crying out loud.

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"Here are the rules!"

1. Please be nice and respectful. This is a group that supports many things, including: LGBTQIA+, furries, hypersexuals, the neurodivergent community, even therians/otherkins/fictionkins and the agere/petre community. Neopronouns, reality shifters, and xenogenders are welcomed here too!

2. Keep drama out of this community, if you want to speak out about it, DMs please. 

3. No proshippers or creeps AT ALL. If I see one, I will ban them on sight. 

You will be kicked out if you are racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, ableism, but banned on sight no matter what if you support hate groups.

4. Please stay safe, don't share any personal information.

5. For any future RB Battles related games and/or events, please tag it with a spoiler warning.

Ask me in DMs about any other sort of rules! Basically just use common sense and follow SpaceHey's rules.

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