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This group is for people who are sick of modern social media algorithms and miss the days when the web wasn't so centralized. Read more.

It's not just you, the internet kind of sucks nowadays. Google is an SEO landfill, modern social platforms are capitalistic hellscapes and social echo chambers

The days of the early web, of Angelfire, Xanga, and Myspace offered a more organic experience of making social connections on the internet. There are still some corners of the web that exist for the inner web designer, blogger or creator inside of us. 

List of links to find cool sites:
Alternate Social Media Sites:
  • Multiverse - A site where you can build & share visual and textual pages with no coding knowledge.
  • Neocities - Host your own HTML/CSS webpage and be a part of the Neocities community.
  • Mastodon - A self-hosted twitter alternative where people can host their own servers. This one links to the Yesterweb Mastodon server.

Mod note: Hey guys!! I love SpaceHey but the way groups work currently makes it really hard to have complex and productive conversations. If you feel strongly about the general idea of this group, I strongly recommend you join the Discord linked at the top of this page. Much better for talking and brainstorming together :)

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