Rubber Hose

A group for fans and enthusiasts of rubber hose animation, also known as inkblot. Can discuss cartoons and other art mediums of the era or around the era. Both authentic characters of the era and modern characters in the style or based on the style/era of these cartoons can be discussed here. Just as long as it relates to something rubber hose.


1. Follow the basic SpaceHey Rules

2. No pro-shippers or people supportive of them. There are certain rubber hose fanbases filled with those types of people but that is not accepted here.

3. Try to not start "fandom wars" aka wars between fans of different rubber hose series/companies. For example; feel free to express your hate on Disney but don't be a toxic anti-Disney person or contrarian edgelord who makes their entire personality revolving around hating Disney because they make animations that are friendly for babies and you prefer the more "dark and edgy" rubber hose animations by contrast. Don't shit on people just because they like Disney content either. Vice versa, do not be an overly defensive fanboy of Disney, or any company/studio for that matter, either.

4. Be civil and have fun

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