Sword Art Online

Stories that haven't gotten an anime adaptation, in-universe info exclusive to the light novels, web novels and manga, the Aria movie, the Scherzo movie, the untitled movie and trailers that don't show nothing but immaterial content spoiler wise will be considered spoilers by the group creator and mod Stonemario. The rules are this way to protect spoiler sensitive people like myself.

If you post a reply containing spoilers on a post where you shouldn't talk about those spoilers (e.g. saying what was cut from the adaptation on a post talking about the Aria movie, where the poster doesn't talk about that spoiler content) your reply will be deleted and upon my discretion I may ban you.

You may make forum posts with spoiler content, but make it clear what content is in your posts. Don't say what it is in general, but specifically. E.g. My thoughts on Unital Ring I through IV. Do that instead of "Spoilers for Unital Ring", as one who's only caught up with the English translations might assume you're just caught up with the English translations but the post contains untranslated material.

Don't spoil other media without a warning. Not even well known stuff like Star Wars.

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