omgz ur so sc3ne!

just for making friends! 

looking for scenecore people, vamp, goth, emo, and similar people!! 

Safe space for everyone!! 

(no pr0sh!ppers, racists, ableism, homophobes, or other discriminatory people!)

must be above the age of 10 and below the age of 19!!1! (please respect this rule!! ..>‸<..)

please do not argue with other members! :3

If you like invader zim, mlp, sp, bratz, barbie, etcetera, this is the place for youz!! 

i dont mind those of youz that use z's instead of s's or do the thing where y0v r3p|4c3 l3tt3rz w!th s¥mb0lz (You replace letters with symbols), as long as you translate them for others!! 

have funziez!!1! >_<

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