Shadow Weaving

Shadow Weaving is the weaving together of Shadow and Identity work. It's led by the understanding the Identity is in constant flux and can be shifted and changed through a little work, and that the most healthy and effective way of doing this is to never preclude good old fashioned shadow work. The key is in healthy balance of opposing expressions not through denial of the self. 

This group is for anyone interested in Shadow, Identity, the Working of, mindfulness, self-improvement/development/growth, acceptance (especially self acceptance), and more generally safe space. 
Talk of wanting to hurt, rape, unlife others is not tolerated, intrusive thoughts are a major mental health issue and can be addressed but only in conjunction with therapy and with the understanding that it's not you, it's a symptom of something else. If you don't feel that aligns, this is not the space for you. (yes this does need to be stated if you're wondering)
Be kind, be Open, be Honest, and NO Judgments. Judgment makes this process harder for both the persons giving and receiving judgment as well as any witnesses to it, it's really the most important rule. 

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