below you is the bottom of the iceberg. the source of all things chaotic on spacehey. avert your eyes, innocents.


This is the general (unofficial) group and general knowledge base for and its userbase.
NEW NEWS: Okay, stop asking for mod now, we've got enough.
Didya know? broothie (Andrew Booth) is the developer behind this thing.

This is not a list of "cool people" on Slink, this is just a list of people who are active on the chat and are also inhabiting a SpaceHey profile.

atKing/atK2ngTinyChao, ac3ofspadez985, yumcyanide, seventeen, MaXizDead

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Da Rules of Slink.Chat, because the developer didn't make rules. (do not take these seriously) (no these are not the rules for this group)
  1. Don't talk about
  2. Please talk about
  3. Stop trying to make a discord.
  4. Don't press the enter key more than once when posting. It's rules.
  5. Beware the Guests.
  6. World Chat is the best feature evar.
  7. Don't get too cocky, Solo.
  8. Free and open chat rooms are no excuse to act like an asshole.
  9. Spam can be funny.
  10. Spam can be annoying.
  11. Do as you will, unless the developer's around.
  12. Don't say anything that would get you cancelled on the blogs. We'll love it, but they won't.
  13. You are required to have at least 2 discussions on why the filter blocks "gay" every day. You are required to correct anyone who complains on WC about the filter blocking "gay", since it got fixed.
  14. Don't take anything posted on the chat with any level of seriousness.
  15. Let the DONGERS flow.
  16. Please put your links in a separate post from any text you're putting next to it, so we don't have to pinpoint it when highlighting.
  17. Slink works on a trust-based system. The less we trust you, the more we like you.
  18. Don't police what can't be policed.
  19. We're all either friends or kismeses here.

bored with slink's default style?
dedicated chatroom: "Spacehey degenerates" in channel list

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