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hello! this group is to discuss, learn about, and otherwise observe christine weston chandler. please keep any discussion as on topic and relevant as possible. if any issues, questions, or concerns arise, feel free to contact me.


no doxxing of any sort. please remember to respect those that have requested to keep their names out of this entire thing, and DO NOT attempt to contact any parties involved, be they christine, trolls, people directly involved, or other parties. do not post private or personal information.

NO NSFW. respecting site policies, nothing nsfw will be posted or discussed here. please do not link to these things either, you will be given one warning then banned from the group.

treat others how youd like to be treated and play nice. that being said, respect is my golden rule. please just be civil, and keep argueing to a minimum. banter is fine, but keep infighting out of this space.

no bigotry. rascism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, whatever. dont do it here. i wont play around on this, and if you see it, please report it.

i understand christines transition is a hot button, i get it. that being said, respecting her wishes to be referred to by she/her pronouns is minimally difficult and can be achieved by anyone. i know she isnt exactly a saint, but identities arent transactional, and showing other trans people you get to decide if their identity is valid based on whether or not you respect them enough isnt fair.

and of course, ZAP TO THE EXTREME, and remain TRUE AND HONEST. after all, we are all friends of sonichu and children of the great blue heart CPU.

thanks for visiting!

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