Star Stable Nostalgia

Are you one of the many people that wish Star Stable didn't have to change? Then this group is maybe a good choice for you! I miss the old days as well and wish I could re-live them just for a day. I've been playing since 2015, so I know what most of the old game was like. I don't remember EVERY detail; but I do remember most of it. 

New players welcome!


1. Please no bullying, hate speech, doxxing, NFSW (gore, porn), or any type of harassment. 

2. Please respect everyone's opinion unless it is harmful to themselves or others. 

3. Please no harassing actual SSO employees. 

4. Swearing is allowed, but no slurs please. 

5. Club promotion is allowed, but no spamming promotions. You may post a new one every seven days. Also, please don't join just to promote your club. 

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