Survivors of the New Millenium

From the Troubled Teen Industry to Jesus Camp to the epidemic of self harm, we are the Survivors of the New Millenium. ✊

did anyone ever wonder why self harm was a TREND in our generation?
and who hadn't lost a friend to suicide or knew someone who had before graduation?
we're the generation of the troubled teen industry
of jesus camp
the teen pregnancy epidemic
bowling for columbine
we're the generation that had school shooters on a national scale, terrorist attacks when we were kids and teens, an economy that was generally pretty prosperous in the 90s to the shitheap it is today
we're a generation that has survived insane amounts of trauma
of course emos were a thing
of course diagnoses of mental illness, especially mood disorders and depression spiked. of course shitloads of us have chronic illness and physical disorders at astonishing rates, more than the system knows how to diagnose let alone treat and care for.
there were so many factors fucking us over.
the angst was real, and it was earned.
and nothing has gotten better since we were little kids and the world catered to us. we went from having purple ketchup, every pandering the market could come up with, to being mocked for existing and living under piles of debt that can't even be chipped away at with the predatory interest rates. we were born to a world where the average american had 16 credit cards, and then grew up in one where you'd have to put rent on credit to not lose your studio apartment with your kids.
as cringe as it sounds (and we perfected both cringe and the phrase):
fuck the haters
millenials are fucking survivors.
the ones we've lost and the ones still here. they're sure as hell not making any more now.

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