epic and swag kinnerz!!


-no kin drama (i.e: factkin drama, "you cant kin ___ if u dont hav ___!!")
-all kintypez r allowed (factkinz r allowed az long az they just relate 2 da person they r "kinning" and dont think they r them/they do it az a joek, and dont "factkin" bigoted ppl or those who hav departed n shit liek dat)
-dont invalidate or go after doublez, absolutely NO suibaiting!!!! i will report you 2 An maiself. if it iz brung 2 mai attention dat ur in sum1z dmz death-threating or doing anything of da sort there will b consequencez.
-if ur kin DO NAWT use termz dat belong 2 ppl with DID/OSDD and ppl with psychosis.
plz refrain from calling urself "the irl" if ur kin.
-kin venting iz alwayz allowed, if ur ventz feature triggering topicz or da liek plz remember 2 put a tw 4 them!! also do nawt maek fun of otherz ventz.
-general bigotry iz nawt allowed overall, but i think thatz obivouz.
-do nawt maek fun of ppl who hav typing habitz or quirkz. asking ppl 4 a translation on wat they r saying iz alwayz oki tho.
-thiz group iz also a saef space 4 those with psychosiz n DID/OSDD, since ppl with those also kin. if u r caught being hateful or ableist towardz them u will b kicked. also do nawt glorify or "wish" u had psyschosiz or DID/OSDD smh. 
-do nawt use slurz (especially da r-slur) even if u can reclaim them. dont want slur discourse breaking out
-respect pplz boundariez!!!
-hav fun lol ^_^

da logo iz a rainbow becuz most kinniez arent cishet and rainbowz r kewl

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