The caninez

                      THE CANINEZ

                           By Kip!   Any age is allowed just dont b weird

Hey there!! This is the caninez! A hangout group by kip!
this group is for: Therians, Scenes, Emos, Goths, 2020(1) alt kids, Furries, Otherkins, Witches, Roblox players, Ayesha erotica fans, Odetari fans, REAL y2k, PASWG, Fnaf, MLP, Metalheads, Systems (did,osdd) And agere + petre!! (ROLEPLAY ALLOWED!!)

RULES:      1. Please use only SFW language, Cursing is allowed but no NSFW such as sexual language. This INCLUDES NSFW images or rps

                  2.  No harassing people! Be nice to everbody! And dont spam!

                   3. No slurs! even if you can reclaim them!!

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