The Caretaker

This is a group to talk about The Caretaker albums and other James Leyland Kirby related monikers (Like V/Vm, The Stranger, Etc...) Also, you can talk about the fan projects! (Like "Nowhere At The Millenium Of Space", "Everywhere In The Beginning Of Nowhere", etc...)


1_ Be respectful to everyone in the group, and other groups.

2_ Avoid taking actions that may harm other users (Doxxing, Trolling, Bullying, etc...)

3_ Nothing of NSFW. If you wanna have NSFW conversations, please make it in a private DM

4_ Only "caretaker" fan projects spam it's allowed. Other type of spam is prohibited

5_ Dont make jokes about dementia, amnesia, or other mental illienes.

6_ Don't flamebait. Any type of harrasment to other community it's prohibited (This includes Friday Night Funkin' and his model of EATEOF)

7_ Spacehey rules are included

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