The Dawn Era is a cross universe battle rp focused roleplay group aiming to be the first of SpaceHey's kind. We offer a structured ruleset & additional systems, pre-made arenas, and a friendly but competitive community perfect for scratching that combat roleplay itch. Join alone or form a faction with friends and dominate the multi-verse; just be sure to bring your fighting spirit!


1. While there isn't an inherent age gate or anything of the sort, it is expected that all members of The Dawn Era will carry themselves in a manner they'd wish to be treated. That is to say, act like adults and treat one another with respect. 

1.5. This is a discrimination free zone. Even the slightest hint of discriminatory actions or words is grounds for immediate removal from the group. 

2. All members must have roleplay-oriented full profiles, you cannot join with an OOC profile. All information on your profile must be related to your character including any additional links added to the profile. 

3. All characters must be original, no canon characters allowed beyond this point

4. As there may or may not be minors present, there will be no mention, talk, or presence of anything NSFW. This means any characters that are NSFW should be left at the door prior to entry. 

5. Understand that roleplay is just that and shouldn't be taken seriously or personally. This is a game at the end of the day, enjoy yourselves and keep personal drama out of the community. 

6. While "talking the talk" is well and fine within this community as we are competitive at the end of the day, what won't be tolerated is anyone intentionally starting drama for their personal benefit. That is grounds for a warning and then a removal. 

7. While there will be staff present at all times. It will be expected of members to be responsible for one another in this community. If you see something wrong? Don't hesitate to speak on it. We're all looking out for each other here. 

8. Have fun and if you feel burnout? Take a break. We'll be here when you get back. 

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