Therian & Otherkin

A group for therian and otherkin to connect with other kintypes, share their experiences, ask questions, join packs and tribes, and feel safe in their community exploring their therian qualities. Please add the creator of the group and feel free to ask any mod questions to the creator. Refer to the group with therian related questions and please no personal ads or NSFW posts. 

Thank you and welcome,
-- Big Bad Wolf

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What's your kin-type? 40
How did you find out you were therian? 8
Discovering your Kin-type: Discussion 0
anyone else with those really "weird" kintypes? 3
Any Other Vampires? or Any Other Demon Kins? 0
What are some more miserable or uncomfortable Alterhuman experiences you've had? 1
Any other tulpa/system/tulpamancers here? 0
Any other tulpa/system/tulpamancers here? 0