(18+ ONLY) WELCOME 2 MAI GROUP!!!!! just a fun lil place run by a certain vampire vtuber for cool ppl!

since my twitch channel and vtuber aesthetic revolve around 2000s to early 2010s nostalgia, discussion may be focused on those, but u can talk about anything! as long as u follow le rulez!

bigotry has no place here, this is ur only warning!!

be respectful of others. don't be creepy, don't start catfights, and just be nice! also this is not a dating group so plz do not post abt seeking others LMAO

this group is focused on having a fun, relaxing (or chaotic) environment, so plz refrain from posting about sensitive/heavy topics

adults only plz. while explicit nsfw posts are not allowed (i.e. images/videos, links to said content, erp), discussion of nsfw topics and jokes are. i am also an 18+ content creator so it's best that this group is reserved for grown ups only. sorry kiddos!

absolutely no leon kennedy, ada wong, jill valentine, or carlos oliveira slander here. u WILL respect my spouses

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