A morbid fascination with death

Deleted from Facebook with over 30,000 members

New Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/A.Morbid.Fascination.With.Death.III

 This is a group for sharing anything horror related or macabre. Rule #1 is to respect the dead!
Anything dark, horror, taxidermy, nightmare fuel, body mods, furniture, comics, podcasts, morbid anything, cuts and scars, art, abandoned places, stories, medical (within reason). Almost anything is allowed as long as it stays on topic, and yes this means selling stuff and/or showcasing your art/work/etc too. 

*No "fake!" comments on posts. You can ask for more information or post a link if you have proof it's fake, but whether something is or isn't real isn't the focus of this group
*No being an asshole to another member. 
*Disrespect of the dead.

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