UTAU! UTAU is a place for undertale au fans to chat and have fun! its a small chatting group for people to discuss anything! undertale fans to meet each other and make friends that have similar interests! we ask you read the rest of the group description so this area can be made sure its a safe spot so me or anyone else dont get uncomfortable in the situation of this group! be safe and make sure your following along and not in the dni area!

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Every au is supported except cannon underlust lovers! get the fart outta here if you support it! that is weird and gross, you will be on thin ice if you do like fanon version but that really depends on the person you are! pj daycare fans will also not be allowed. it is gross and yeah. if you are a system and one of your alters form from these aus i do not mind but if they support theyre source in any kind of way i will ask you to not let them front while talking in the group it makes me very uncomfy! littles will be asked to be somewhat monitored while talking! dont make weird jokes if you know that someone is a little and you are older! that is weird and gross. dont make others uncomfy and if someone asks you to stop doing what your doing please do! we also dont allow homophobia or transphobia in any way! dont attack others just because of that! we may understand you dont support it (this is for religion stuff) but dont attack people. its WRONG. and last but least dont join if you support problematic artist!!! we never will ever be fine with it if you or support boobiemare or some other au that is along those lines just dont join! last thing!! dont join if your a endo system! you are not valid to us you may be somewhere else and i hope you get better but we dont support endos. this is a place for everyone to chat and enjoy themself! 

dont attack people if they roleplay or have a different sense of humer then you! i dont care unless its harming someone or a weird nsfw roleplay! Mettaton Heart GIF by anime-lover310 on DeviantArt


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