Vent Refuge

"girl help the vent app is dying"

the humble group of spacehey containing people escaping Vent's downfall 💧
(Vent: a simple social media app used to share feelings and connect with others, which is now unfortunately on the path to either a difficult transfer of platforms or straight up falling apart)

this group's purpose is mainly to help others remain in contact with vent users who have also transferred to spacehey. former vent practices/cutural stuff also migrating to spacehey have yet to be determined. we will see what the future holds 

please be patient and understanding with your fellow venties as this is a stressful situation for all of us. we'll see better days easier and faster as a team

remember to thank the brilliant minds behind spacehey for providing the lost venties shelter by donating to the devs (found on home page) so that this epic place can keep running 👍

Edit. 2/23/2023
Vent's death is to be announced 2/28.
Rest in peace. Press F to pay respects

Edit. 3/30/2023

Vent 2 aka TalkLife but slightly different is now live

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