Vkei Rocks !!

This is a group for every visual kei fan out there! There's no discrimination allowed here, it doesn't matter where are you from, what you like, your orientation, religion, etc! You're safe here! I'm the owner, Nil, fan of Diru and GazettE right now, (among some other bands). 


1. Any type of harassment or abuse to the members will result in a ban of the group, so please, don't make me go to those ends.

2. Gore, and any graphic content (except of maybe some gory videos/images of vkei like OBSCURE by Diru) aren't allowed inside this group, and will result in a ban too.

3. Based on the last two rules, if racism, any type of political ideology or more themes related, will also result on being banned.

4. You can absolutely talk of anything out of vkei as long it follows the rules! Don't feel controlled, you can talk about normal metal, pop, anime, books, whatever you like!

5. This group is open for both English speakers and Spanish speakers (sí, hola, hablo español, por favor entra al grupo si eso quieres! Te puedo ayudar a traducir y más!)

6. We'll also make layouts if you want a personalized one, I make autoplayers so you can ask me for any of those, also blinkies and more!

7. Have any doubts, questions and more? Just send me a message and I'll answer them!


Welcome and thanks for joining us<3

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