Are you in love with a fictional character? So are we. Come and tell us about your waifu!

- No hate for people having the same waifu/husbando as you. They're all different in small or big ways for each personĀ 
- No drastic changes to your waifu on something that's canon (Ex. Your waifu is shy and bookish but your headcannon her to be Loud and Extroved - kicked. You headcannon your waifu to like a certain animal, no proof that she does or doesnt like said animal- not kicked.)
- Don't be a dick/rude to people :/
- You can have any many waifus/husbandos as you want (as long as you GENUINELY love them), but the max you can post about here is 2. Just to prevent hugblanketing (Having a waifu/husbando, with the intention of leaving them when you find love with another person- not fictional)
- No hugblanketing

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