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taylor swift's old myspace comments (2005-2006) 3
a spacehey app 9
SpaceHey Announcements 19
Email Notifications 18
Applying layout on groups 1
irc chat for groups 7
The one feature that is stopping this site from taking off... 6
Blocked Glitch? 2
Browse Filter (Profile Photos Only) 10
Other cool ideas for SpaceHey 9
Photo's 3
Is spacehey doomed? 9
myspace music 4
photos in messages 4
Instant Messenger links 2
Ideas to Add to Groups 3
Ideas from my blog post for Spacehey 3
Feature Request: Embed images in comments 2
Fix transparent images 2
Making Messages more like 2007 Skype IM 3
Suggestions RE minors 4
An activity stream 2
chatrooms and forum signature 3
og myspace messaging 1
Revisiting Group Ideas - Why Groups need to become the central focus of SpaceHey 6
Top 12 Friends Feature 2
Didnt Know There Was A Group Limit 2
Things that Groups need to be more viable 3
Double comments 5
Old Notifications 1
Blocking users doesn't reject friend requests from them 0