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Author Subject Replies Last Post
Suggestions to improve the experience when using Spacehey 0
Switching between alt accounts on Spacehey Website (not mobile app) 2
Mobile Layout Issue/Bug? 0
Spacehey Desktop client?? 0
Request for a "History" category 1
suggestion for advent calendar!! 0
Suggestion for advent calendrer 0
Suggestions for forums 1
How???? 1
IM Improvement 0
help me with the groups section 0
SpaceHey need these! 1
Layouts I hope there are 0
Adding Drafts feature 0
Hi there! 0
Add games category to interests section 2
Updates and improvements I’d like to see 1
chatrooms and forum signature 3
Is spacehey doomed? 9
hi im lookin for friends to join my clan 0
Feature Request: Embed images in comments 2
Suggestion: messaging those who sent you a friend request (and them being able to respond) 0
Suggestion: Bookmarking Blogs 0
Suggestion: be able to post videos and music 0
QoL Suggestion: See all new forum posts 2
Suggestion: Forum/Group threads should be sorted by "Last Post" by default. 6
MathJax 0
Suggestion: Allow users to make their profiles visible to members only 1