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Whats your guys' opinions on certain serial killer masks? (horror movies and horror books, etc!) 0
¿conocen juegos de terror? 0
What Saw movie is the best - including Spiral and Saw 3D 0
Whats your opinon on Infinity Pool (2023)? 0
Anyone have Horror prompts for a writer like me? 1
Which movie in the Saw saga is better and why? 2
Favorite Horror book 1
Horror Realm Con 2024 0
Final Destination 2
Horror movie recommendations? 1
What horror films do you think are completely💢overrated?💢 1
**READ** please check out & support my music :) 0
Whats ur fave Extreme Horror/Splatterpunk Books!! :3 0
any7 horror movies sugg ?? 2
Help me find the first horror movie saw. 0
Unconventional Horror. 0
Any recommendations? 2
Whats your favorite horror game? 2
favorite horror games!! 0
Does anyone know any good analog and digital horror series? 1
Favorite Psychological horror movie? 0
VIAJE A LO INESPERADO (Horror Movie Blog) 0
worst horror movie you've seen ? 0
worst horror movie you've seen ? 0
favorite obscure horror media ? 0
vampire movie recs? 0
opinion on disturbing movies 2
free movie website 0
Amnesia: The Dark Descent vs. Outlast 1
Movie Recs? 0
what's the most underrated horror film you’ve seen that deserves more recognition? 2