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How Should i get back into Pokemon TCG? 0
First shiny pokemon? 2
What pre-evolution do you find more interesting than your evolution? 0
ScVi DLCs? Are they worth the money? 1
does anyone still play pokemon go? 1
Tell me a stupid story and I’ll assign you a Pokémon character!! 4
What is your favorite legendary Pokemon??? 1
Pokemon Unite 2
What was the First Pokemon Game You played? 7
The reason why pkmn x and y kinda sucked(also no hate) 2
what's your favorite shiny? 12
Fan Typings? 0
What is your opinion on pokemon fake leaks? 6
Fav new SV Pokemon? 3
Pokemon Showdown 0
Emulator or console? 7
favorite legendary 7
Fav gen(s)? 10
Favorite game to replay? 2
What's your favorite starter pokemon? 33
BDSP Region Faux Tourney 0
Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Discussion 4
Thoughts on the new Pokémon game legend’s arceus? 4
What if Pokémon were real? 3
What's your favorite Pokemon game? 17
Hello 3
How did you get into Pokemon? 45
Favorite Pokemon? 161
BDSP Concerns? 4