█▶ We The Homestucks Are Taking Over SpaceHey ◀█

█▶ We, the Homestucks, are taking over SpaceHey, because it is fun. Feel free to talk about Homestuck here, do whatever. Pls support + friend each other, and abide by SpaceHey rules... Dat is all... ◀█

  • ♥♦♠♣ Read Homestuck (The Unofficial Archive, best place to read it IMO)

█▶ AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, Copy this code onto your profile █▶

<a target="_blank" href="https://groups.spacehey.com/hstakeover"><img src="https://file.garden/Ylf0t2A2LRQTk-Yu/forsh/hs/togif.gif"></a>

(You can replace the image with other versions: it is currently "togif.gif", you can change to "togifeasy.gif" and "togifeasydark.gif" for dark profiles, both are less flashy)
Here is what the images look like 

BG source: r-eos

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