█▶ We The Homestucks Are Taking Over SpaceHey ◀█

█▶ We, the Homestucks, are taking over SpaceHey, because it is fun. Feel free to talk about Homestuck here, do whatever. Pls support + friend each other, and abide by SpaceHey rules... Dat is all... ◀█

█▶ AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, Copy this code onto your profile █▶

<a target="_blank" href="https://groups.spacehey.com/hstakeover"><img src="https://file.garden/Ylf0t2A2LRQTk-Yu/forsh/hs/togif.gif"></a>

(You can replace the image with other versions: it is currently "togif.gif", you can change to "togifeasy.gif" and "togifeasydark.gif" for dark profiles, both are less flashy)
Here is what the images look like 


WHAT'S NEXT FOR HOMESTUCK? We're nearing the beginning of the next session!! Read the latest Beyond Canon updates. Here's a sneak peek of the new species...

BG source: r-eos

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