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recent movies 0
whats your favorite web horror series? 5
movie recs? 4
Any “An American Werewolf In London” fans? 2
Anyone watched Sleepaway Camp? So underrated. So good. 3
Two Classic Yiddish Horror Films From the 1920's & 30's 1
The Early Days Of Film Horror 1894-1914 1
Best Scream Film? 3
What is your letterboxd username?? 1
70s horror 2
Has anybody read some really good horror books? 4
Horror game recommendations? 2
looking for movie recs that arent paranormal 3
What was the most tramatizing horror movie you've ever watched? 5
Greatest horror movie ever made? 0
Living Dead Weekend 2018, Witness the unveiling of the George Romero statue and meet some Dawn of the Dead Alumni 0
Any movie recs? 1
Predictions for Saw X? 3
What is your favourite horror video game? 4
is candyman good (the new one)??? 2
the lost boys 2
Living Dead Weekend 2022 NOW SHOWING! 0
Edgar Allen Poe In Silent Film 0
Whats your Favourite genre of horror? 2
Hey, what's your favorite horror character? 1
what's the most underrated horror film you’ve seen that deserves more recognition? 2
horror game reccs? 3
where can i watch horror movies? 3
Scream 6 2
We Invite You To Come Check Out Ghoul World Order 0
The Boy Yes or No? 0
A Silent Sundays Spooky 150th Birthday To "Cabinet Of Dr Caligari" Director Robert Wiene 0