Hello everyone — This is a Group for any kind of Feedback, Ideas or Bug Reports on SpaceHey!

Please use the Group Forum for Bug Reports, Feature Ideas and Ideas for Improvements.
If you want to talk about SpaceHey, write about your thoughts on a SpaceHey-related feature or there is something else, please post a Group Bulletin instead.

I will especially check the Group Forum regularly to look for Bug reports, answer your questions and keep you updated on the things I do. I will try to mark Bug Reports/Feature requests which are completed as "closed", so they won't clutter the Group Forum Overview and we can go back to them if needed by visiting the "Closed Topics" Section in the Group Forum.

If there is something you need to tell me privately, please don't hesitate to send me an IM or Email (See "Contact SpaceHey" Link in the Footer). Thank you!

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hi im lookin for friends to join my clan 0
finding friends 0
Feature Request: Embed images in comments 1
A "default" profile page toggle 0
Suggestion: messaging those who sent you a friend request (and them being able to respond) 0
Quality of Life: Bulletin/Comment Previews & Editing 1
Suggestion: Bookmarking Blogs 1
Suggestion: be able to post videos and music 1
QoL Suggestion: See all new forum posts 2
Suggestion: Forum/Group threads should be sorted by "Last Post" by default. 4